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Brand Identity for Interpretive Experiences

The process for every project and every client differs some, but the core remains the same. 2nd Tide factory is a piece of Loki Interpretive Group which specializes in interpretive planning and exhibit content development for historic properties, people, and cultural landscapes.
Explorytelling: My client loved this concept because it embodies the spirit of their goal: Exploring and Storytelling. Paired with visuals that create an aesthetic that embodies the other keywords from the project planning brief, this concept board created the visual framework for their story.

Concept Development


Preliminary & Secondary Sketches

All of my sketches start with pencil or pen and paper. This in this particular project, after intitial sketches were explored with pen, and then moved into vector drawings, the decision was made to keep the logo with a more “hand-drawn” feel as it felt a better fit for the Explorytelling concept and my client’s end goals.
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