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Budget Savvy

What do you do when you need to make four print pieces — to feature four products — but only have the budget for one?

Get creative with folding!

This 30 x 17 inch accordion fold brochure features all four products.
For this product launch Zero Motorcycles released one refreshed product, and three completely new products. The is the first full line product launch performed by any electric vehicle manufacturer.
In addition to the the art direction, design, and production of the print brochure, dozens of other assets we created, including a media library of over product 160 images, feature videos, b-roll video.

I art directed one photographer who had two assistants both in studio and on location. The location and action photography were done in Southern California in 7 locations over 8 days.

Art Direction: Julie Grantz
Design: Julie Grantz
Photography: Forrest Arrakawa
Production: Julie Grantz
Printed in San Rafael, California at Paragraphics

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