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Shared Spaces, Shrinking Worlds

The San Francisco Zoo has a number of “Shared Spaces” interpretive signs housed at various exhibits throughout the zoo. The design of this piece needed to utilize certain design elements, while sharing the story and dire plight of the Mexican Gray Wolf in a way that would inspire interpretation and action.


Creative Direction: Janet Utech
Design: Julie Grantz
In Collaboration with the San Francisco Zoo Education Department


In 2014 the San Francisco Zoo welcomed some new members to their unique and exciting new home: two red pandas, with a custom habitat created and featured on the “Treehouse Masters” from Animal Planet.

For the new exhibit I was asked to develop and design signage and advertisements, and in my creative process developed the playful “Panda-Monium” headline.  



San Francisco Chronicle Advertisment


Creative Direction: Janet Utech
Design: Julie Grantz

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