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The development of our perspectives resembles the path of a skipping stone: an unending, evolving journey. The skipping stone’s shape, too, is molded by time. In this way, all ideas originate from the organic. Like the stone, I have been shaped by my environment, but I have also kept my original integrity and spirit. My path has been defined as much by the outer environment as my inner one. A skipping stone is controlled at first by outside forces, but over time, the two become one, inseparable. So, like the stone, my environment and my perspective have fused together as I have evolved. 

Mind Map

My mind map, inspired by the skipping stone, describes a circle. The negative space inside the circle represents my being, from which all of my ideas extend. The words of the inner circle express my perception of myself and my personal evolution. The words in the outer circle represent my feelings on design, creativity, and the artistic process I pursue. The gap between the words “listen”  and “simple” denotes the ongoing nature of my journey. The circle has no beginning and no end, and leaves room to grow in the space created by these two important concepts. Listening to myself and my environment, in search of the simple solution at the root of any problem, brings my creative work full circle.  

My Mark

The mark itself is derived directly from my mind map. The longest line in the mark signifies the place where my creative process begins, linking my being to what I create.  
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