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NYC College Line App

NYC College Line is a free online community for students, families and professionals focused on providing insight and resources dedicated to the phases for college readiness and success – from exploration through completion.
After working in-house with The City University of New York for 2 years within the Research Foundation, I had the opportunity to lead a rebranding effort in conjunction with an app product development for NYC CollegeLine, a non-profit within RFCUNY.

1. Research


2. Define

Make it Accessible

After synthesizing the data from the Reasearch phase, NYC College Line defined the need for a mobile app—with limited data transfer needed—for users to:
1. Access Resources about matriculation
2. Get real-time free access and advice from certified education advisors
3. Become FAFSA fluent
4. Easily find and engage with scholarship opportunities. 

Information Architecture & Wireframes 

We worked through numerous flows for the app. This particular flow contained the most sought after content provided by NYC College Line: Scholarships.

3. Prototype

After the define phase of the product was solidified, design and prototyping began. 

Prototype Screenshots


4. Testing

We contacted our initial research participants to roll out the beta, and in the first two weeks of testing we saw an increase of 1700% engagement with the core features, while identifying new pain points and problem areas to address in the next iteration.  
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