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Zizoli Brand Identity and Packaging

Zizoli is a tiny kitchen in Santa Cruz, Calfornia, where the creator makes small-batch, all organic jams, jellies and marmalades with fruit from local farms. With distribution contracts in the works with local restaurants and grocery stores, Zizoli needed a brand identity and packaging to tell and sell the Zizoli story customer and flavor to customers before trying these unique and delicious jems. 



While creating the moodboard, I created the concept for Zizoli's branding: Joy Loves Company. 
The owner's philosophy is that truly good food creates enduring connections and memories that live beyond the moment and the plate. The visuals for this project needed to incorporate the idea of this connection and the joy that Zizoli brings to those that experience these truely unique jams. 

Logo & Lockup for Labels

The "Z" logomark playful creates an endless connection. Paired with sturdy, but friendly type, with ever so slightly rounded edges, the logo brings joy to this lovely endless connection. 

Label Design

Small-batch jams mean lots of flavors and lots of labels. The labels bring in nostalgic watercolor illustrations with the graphic stripes from the logo. The typographic pairings create a look of personalization and farther seek to establish the concept of connection and nostalgia. 

Front Label


Back Label


Small-batch jams mean lots of flavors and lots of labels. 
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