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Citi Ventures + Unilever Whitepaper

Internal to Citi Bank is Citi Ventures & Innovation, looking to transform the bank. In two-years of development, the partnership between Citi and Unilever, and their projected scope of work is detailed in this 22 page white paper. The source material provided included everything from hand-sketched data by engineers, to pages of explaination on data that needed to be included, and with this I had to completely re-envision the data as easy-to-digest infographics, and develop a visually distinguished and sophisticated print piece.

Citi Ventures | Innovators @Citi

For this new event innitiative, I developed the concept "Game On," the branding, and all of the visual assets, including the illustrations, to support the initial approval and the year-long event series. 
20210706 citinet innovators prototype-3.png

Citi Ventures | Internal Pages

Below are various internal pages I have created, or are still creating with our internal marcom team
20220104-Venture Innovation on v4.jpg
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